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Healthy Food or Food~like Products?

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Herb of The Day (Agnus Castus)

As salam walakum, Good Morning, Evening, and Afternoon. I hope you and your families are doing well. Here today is a beautiful day. Blessed with clean air and the sound of the sea in the wind. Today is the start of Herb of the day. Herbs are such a blessing from our creator. Today I […]

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Swimming update: How is it going?

How are you all doing today? How is your health? I hope that this blog meets you all well and in good health. Today I wanted to connect on what has been happening with the 30 days of swimming. I was hoping to update much more than this… Well, good or the bad news first? […]

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What is Magnesium? Is it Important?

Most magnesium produced globally comes from natural minerals such as dolomite and magnesite in the form of magnesium carbonate. It can also be found in seawater


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