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With a Holistic Touch…

First, I would like to thank you so much for coming to my corner slice of the net. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share what once was a chance to save my life… Which turned into a passion for sharing what I learned and helping others. If You ever have any questions. Please don’t hesitate; we are here for you.

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Thought of the day

What makes you laugh? At myself… I used to be very critical of myself and every little action. Worried a person would judge me solely on one mistake. Living up other peoples expectations. When they them selves don’t even know where the expectation comes from or what they are… Strangers who don’t not even know…

Who am I?

As salam walakum wa rahmatuAllahi wa barkatoh, Good morning, Evening, or Afternoon. I pray you are all well and in good health. I wanted to touch base with the question of… Who am I? That is an excellent question. Why did I start Elderberry Holistic Health? What are my intentions? In our lives, we all…

Elderberry Holistic Health, Why?

Good Morning, Afternoon or evening. I hope this reaches you all in good health. So I have had the question brought to me a few times, why did I choose Elderberry for our blog name?  For me, the elderberry plant represents us and our practice. Let’s break it down.  **Warning** Don’t eat elderberries raw. They…


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A little about who we are…..

We are a mother-daughter team .. Hoping to inspire, educate, and support you in your health goals. Inspire others to start looking at their health and how to heal and or maintain health. Educate Through our blogs, Podcast and if you need more one~ on one support. We teach you about all aspects of holistic health. Support, By being here for you when ever you need. In one on one sessions or though are many social media outlets . We want to be here when ever we can; for you!

If you find our labor of love to be valuable? A cup of coffee would be stupendous and much appreciated. Your support Helps us to keep sharing, teaching, and keeping the most up~todate information on evry thing Health related.

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