Thought of the day

What makes you laugh?
At myself… I used to be very critical of myself and every little action. Worried a person would judge me solely on one mistake. Living up other peoples expectations. When they them selves don’t even know where the expectation comes from or what they are… Strangers who don’t not even know me. Yet. I worried they would not see me for me… But because of one mistake, I made….

Now with the blessing of learning to love my self first. We need to be be gentle and merciful to our selves as though we want or should be gentle and merciful to others. Now I laugh, giggle at the mistakes I make.. like being so worried about the dentist that I could form a sentence. Switch words around in sentences. These little things don’t make me a bad or uneducated, but human..

Now for the big mistake in my life I don’t regret them. I hold on to them to not forget . To learn from them And maybe one day to help others from those bad mistakes, experiences.. for now I am to laugh at my self and enjoy the time I have left in this world …

Now I live my self to say if one will judge based on misled I made in this life, and take time time and effort to know who I am.. they are unworthy to judge and it’s their loss… we are all human and Seaver respect and love

I would love to know how you feel about this post today..

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