Swimming update: How is it going?

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How are you all doing today? How is your health? I hope that this blog finds you all well and in good health. Today I wanted to connect on what has been happening with the 30 days of swimming. I was hoping to update much more than this… Well, good or the bad news first? Let us go with the good first in 10 days, swimming for three days and eating a clean diet. I have been blessed to lose 3 lbs! So excited about that!

We are slowly getting better. We have tried to contact the person responsible for the burning. I hope they show kindness. I understand this is how Egypt deals with getting rid of its garbage, but it’s not healthy for any community. I hope Egypt can come up with a better way.

Any inflammation that I may have had is gone. I had been feeling much less tired. I could stretch my bad better in the water due to the weightlessness. So I really hope I can get back in there soon and who knows, maybe this will be a more long-term goal …..

So that is our update. I know it’s a bit short. I hope to have a blog coming out in a week about Gmo Fruit. So keep an out for that, please.
Let me know in the comments. Do you swim? What’s your favorite way of swimming? Do you swim in a pool? Lake? Ocean?

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