Healthy Food or Food~like Products?

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Healthy Food~Like Products

Labels say Organic, Healthy, superfood, and vegan are great descriptive words for healthy food. It doesn’t mean that healthy food is actually healthy. Let’s use the word Healthy. When you think of the word healthy, what do you think of food that will not make you sick? Free from chemicals. It will benefit our bodies, right?

Unfortunately companies

I have done a lot of research regarding colors and words and now have created a new job as an Advertising psychologist: where they implement things like making sure the expensive brands are in the middle of the shelve .. and the cheap ones on the top or bottom. So the expensive ones are easy to reach. Words choose and placed correctly, so the customer thinks and “feels” a certain way about the brand. Choosing colors like greens and browns for organic. Bright colors for candies.. Notice there is no clocks in Walmart? All of this has been designed.

What does this mean for food~like products

Well, if you take a package like :

box of post great rains

Its brown, Its wholesome looking, It has Non-GMO on it, Hearts heart-healthy on it, and nuts… we think nuts are healthy (they are), but they put it on the box to further verify the healthiness of this food or food~like product.

Now lets look at the ingredients:

*Remember the list of Ingredients goes by the quantity. So number one is wheat and number 2. is Sugar. There is five natural sugar and eight sugar added = 12 grams for 55 grams of cereal. A cup = 120 grams, so you will be consuming a cup of cereal approx. Twenty-four grams of SugarSugar and do people only eat 1 cup? Do people even measure? Take a look at my other blog about the effects of SugarSugar on our bodies, minds, and emotions. It’s really eye-opening.

To note Any time you eat a natural sweetener, such as sugar cane, stevia, monk fruit, etc., in a crystalized form… you lose any health benefits that come with it. It may not digest like beat sugar (reg. table sugar) and may be low glycemic, but these crystallized sugars are no different than white SugarSugar in terms of health benefits. The health benefits no longer exist. 

Another one of the ingredients


The Last ingredient, and it’s a huge one:


  • cancer
  • Lead to liver Cirrhosis (chronic liver disease)
  • Thyroid
  • Skin Irritations
  • Kidney problems and much more.

This is just one cereal. One “Healthy” option … We consume food~like products throughout our day.


This is just one cereal. One “Healthy” option … We consume food~like products throughout our day.

  • Juices
  • Protein Shakes, bars, cookies, drinks
  • Fast food
  • boxed food.

Eventually, we keep adding the food~like products, and it takes a toll on our bodies, and this is where sickness comes in.

Important to notes:

  • Read labels
  • Do your research. There may be convenient foods that are good to eat. So look.
  • Look up studies: I know this may seem daunting, but it’s your health. This life is short. Your health is essential for your and your family’s future. Are you not all worth it?
  • Ask questions: Contact Comp. Do not trust them with your health. You have the right to know what you are ingesting.

I just want to say that I want for you want I want for my family and me. Good health. Long life. Time to share with your families. Please take care and be present as much as you can. That’s how memories are made. Please share if you found this post to be beneficial. Subscribe so you can get updates and keep a look out .. I promise our PodCast is coming.

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