How to Enter the Clinic & Forms

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I hope that you are having a blessed & Productive day. Here I wanted to touch base on the many ways we can have our Client sessions. We @ Elderberry Holistic Health are committed to your privacy so we only use tech that is HIPPA and Hitech compliant.

With Doxy We can video, voice and chat. Its online and in a app and completely free.

Plan Better

With Practice better. They also are HIPPA and HITECH compliant. This is also a online portal, but you can download app. This is where we can do more long term diagnosing, and health monitoring and journaling. Easy scheduling, and again video, messages, voice communication opportunities.

With Healthie Its just like Practice better. It is also HIPPA and Hitech Compliant. It can be online or at your fingertips with an app. Here we can chat, and scheduling is a very easy. If monitoring of eating, nutrition or questions will be easy with food journaling.


Now forms all of these sites will have the neassairy forms needed for first intake. In case here is links to the forms where you can fill them out and email them directly to

Tele-Med Consent

Intake Form

Consent of care

Payment Options

We really hope to make the process of paying as easy as possible. We are accepting PayPal @

Also we are now accepting stripe @

Again any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact. We are here for you.
Our goal is to provide the best care that we can and the support you need.