Rena Vail

Thanks for taking the time out to read about me. My name is Rena Vail. From Minnesota. I have been a certified Holistic Practitioner since 2007, a Recovered addict for 16 years, a single homeschooling mama, an Organic farmer, and a dedicated life learner. Who loves research, Blogger, Podcaster, and spreader of knowledge. I live by the golden rule, "Want for others, what you want for yourself." I am passionate about sharing what I have learned in my lifetime. Learning from my mistakes. Also, teaching what I know to help others gain and or maintain good health for themselves and their families. Another goal is to inspire others to become more self-sufficient. Start growing, raising animals, fishing, hunting, eating food from their own hands, and doing hard work. There are no words to express eating food that came from your hands and seeing your family sit down to the meal you caught, raised, or grew. Our world today is unpredictable now. We also need to be able to strive through what ever happens . Having knowledge and the skills of holistic health and self-sufficiency can help Maintain stability and security for you and your family.