30 days Swimming Challenge.

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When I was a kid, I was very active. I was on the Volleyball, Swim, and Softball in school. Anything, biking, weights ( I was leg pressing 450lbs). I wanted to od everything! It was where I felt the best of me. Not necessarily because I was good, but I think it was my escape from a lot of trauma that happened in the past and currently at that age. It was where I felt I could be me—my escape. Fast Forward, Life happens. I lost it for a long time. I started to get back into hiking when I was about 25, and then again… Life… I didn’t know how to balance priorities. Now trying to start a business and homeschool children and wanting to be the best example I can be for them and those live I may touch. So I am doing it, getting/ Finding the balance of what we need to do: My family, My passion/work, and My health.

Like this one

We decided we would get the biggest above-ground pool we could find, and we will do a 30-day challenge. I hope this will work out so well that it will continue for 60 or 90 days…. and inshAllah (Allah willing) a lifetime. So I will be blogging and posting stats. Also, what we eat. Hoping it will inspire and or help others. We got this!
So today.
I swam for 47 min. It was hard because I kept getting crazy-hungry. I went without food. I don’t work out well after eating so. I will try to get some fruit next time 30 min before the swim and see if that helps.
It felt great. I got some butterfly strokes in there. Which I didn’t know I had in me.

Fitness pal says about 700 cal burned, which is fantastic!
Breakfast was coffee and an apple. Yes! Horrible. I have problems getting enough calories.
Lunch Rice and chicken

Some Points of benefit of Swimming:

  • Works whole body and because you feel weightless there is less restrictions on how you can move your body
  • Builds bone mass
  • Tones muscles
  • Build strength
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Helps with the Lymphagogic system
  • Builds endurance and so much more!

I am so excited to have you on this journey with us. If you want to join me at fitness pal leave a comment or send me a message. We can do this together!

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